Knowing what IT hiring managers are looking for aids in your job search. Understanding what the in-demand skills are shows you what to focus on during an interview. Although the IT industry changes quickly with new developments, these skills provide a foundation to build on for other in-demand fields. Because many skills are certifiable, they form a solid way to build your resume and increase opportunities for interviews that can lead to job offers. 

See if you have any of these in-demand IT skills to move your career forward in 2021. 


Blockchain is used for peer-to-peer payments, crowdfunding, file storage, identity management, digital voting, etc. Developers who understand blockchain technology and smart contracts and can build decentralized applications are in great demand. Learn networking, database design, and programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and C++ to excel in a role involving blockchain. 


Django is an open-source programming framework built by Python. It offers a pragmatic, simple development process and works with a model-view-controller (MVC). Django is typically used to create a database-driven website or platform. There are certifications you can earn to build your IT career. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves programming a machine to perform tasks that simulate human behavior. You can use AI for anything from analytics and software development to chatbot creation and security network routing. Learning AI can open up paths along with your IT career.   


Because Python is versatile, intuitive, simple, and logical, it is used to program many commonly used websites and platforms. The programming language also is popular for analytics and open-source projects. Many boot camps offer in-depth education to prepare you for a role involving Python. 


Containers are software units that hold code information, so applications run quickly and smoothly. The increase in cloud-based platforms makes the use of containers in high demand. One important skill involving containers is proficiency with Kubernetes, a system used to manage containerized applications. Many boot camps offer courses that teach you how to deploy, scale, update, and debug containerized applications on a Kubernetes cluster. This can benefit your IT career path.  


Java is similar to C and C++, but easier to write in and more straightforward to understand. As a versatile programming language that works with different technologies, Java is commonly used to create user-facing applications and interfaces. There are many boot camps to choose from to become a Java programming master and build your IT career.  


JavaScript is widely used worldwide for front-end development and web applications. Along with making websites interactive, the programming language makes them more functional, intuitive, and appealing. Many schools offer programs that teach JavaScript online. Take advantage to enhance your IT career. 

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