The Key to Creating High-Value Relationships with Your LinkedIn Connections

David Vigliotti, Vice President
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the key to creating high value relationships on LI

More important than the number of LinkedIn connections you have is how deeply you’re connected to each. This is why having a bigger following doesn’t necessarily equate to making more sales. Although a large audience is great to have, your bigger goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships with each individual. Follow these guidelines to create high-value relationships with your LinkedIn connections.   

Focus on Helping    

Since most buyers are on LinkedIn to find help, provide what they’re looking for. Since you want to be known as the most valuable person in the room, be the person buyers can turn to with questions. Your goal is to build both a brand and relationships so that clients seek you out. Ensure everything you post, comment on, or share comes from a desire to help your prospects achieve their goals and solve their problems.   

Authentically Connect  

Connect with people on a personal level. Provide a compelling reason to be part of their network. Perhaps you met during an event. Maybe someone you both know suggested you connect with them. Mention something the person cares about, so they have a reason to connect with you. See what’s going on in their world, then bring it up in an email. Show you care about the person and can help solve their problems.  

Speak from Experience  

Establish yourself as a credible person by speaking from experience. Share an authentic point of view to stand out from everyone else. Base your posts, comments, and shares on what you’ve seen, experienced or accomplished. Be vulnerable by sharing your struggles and successes. The odds are high that others are experiencing similar issues and will be attracted to your authenticity. If you see a post you connect with, leave a comment as to why. Or, share the post with your comment.   

Start a Conversation   

Initiate a conversation about a prospect’s products or services. Google your prospect’s business. Study their company’s website and social media to learn about their offerings, ideal clients, the language they use, and key challenges they face. Then, google your prospect’s name. Study their social media profiles and mentions of them on websites or videos. Use the information to learn about your prospect personally. Look for commonalities you share. Start a conversation through a direct message or by responding to their content and comments.    

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