It has been an exciting couple of weeks for me professionally. We are coming up on The Nagler Group’s 10th anniversary and I celebrated my 6th anniversary here. I am lucky, I love coming to work every day and I truly believe we have built one of the best staffing firms in the world. I also know how rare that is because I run a recruiting firm so my days are spent helping people try and find jobs to love. To celebrate the company’s anniversary, we are filming a video about our company. To prepare for shooting, I was asked to prepare answers to a specific set of questions. In taking this trip down Memory Lane, I got to thinking about how far we have come and where we are going. It is all fantastic stuff but it also got my mind thinking about what makes us successful. It’s not about the partners, it is not about me or the team managers. It all comes down to the team as whole.

You can read hundreds of articles about hiring the “right candidate”. But really, it doesn’t come down to hiring just one right person. It is a puzzle. It comes down to putting the right pieces together and forming something far bigger than a lone piece. No two people are the same so there can never be a simple formula. Who works in one group of people might not work as well with another. Here at The Nagler Group, our team is split between three offices and each office has its own personality and culture while still fitting within our company umbrella. I truly believe what makes us special is the diversity among us. We don’t hire a cookie cutter profile. We have recruiters who went to college and some that did not. When I look at previous job histories, I have hired recent college graduates, a butcher, a Navy veteran/accountant, attorneys, a hair stylist and restaurant managers, just to name a few. Each one brings experience and a personal drive that makes each of them successful at recruiting. What is one person’s strength may very well be another’s challenge. Yet, we continue to grow and take our business to the next level.

My business is recruiting and my goal is to provide my clients with a consultative approach to hiring that leads to hiring a great person for the opening. Many times, a company will have a pre-conceived notion as to who is going to be the best fit for the job. I get it, someone created a job description and it made sense and there may be certain skills someone needs to do a job successfully. I also believe that there is an art and a science to recruiting. For me, the art is 80% and the science is 20% so if the fundamentals are there and the personality fits, I am very willing to take a chance even if the resume doesn’t scream, “I am a recruiter.” I would encourage anyone who has a position to fill to take a similar approach. Look beyond the words on paper. Who can do the job? Every day a new article or study comes out about difficulties hiring qualified staff in today’s labor market. Those articles will suggest paying more or hiring from outside of the region and offering relocation. I would encourage hiring managers to simply keep an open mind. This doesn’t mean disregard red flags or poor references. It simply means that the person you pictured in your mind, might not be the person whose resume looks just like the job description you wrote. Keep an open mind, diversify your hiring and a rock star in your industry might be discovered.

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