Giving your new hire the best possible onboarding experience increases the odds that they’ll stay for at least a year. Having an exceptional onboarding experience helps confirm that they made the right choice deciding to work for you. Knowing all that’s possible about a company, its culture, management philosophy, and expectations helps new hires determine whether your organization is a good fit for them. Helping a new employee feel comfortable and assimilate into your team puts them at ease and encourages them to come back.  

Here are five tips to make your onboarding process more enjoyable.  

Hand Out Small Gifts 

Give a new hire small gifts to show appreciation for coming to work for you. You might decide on a gift certificate for a nearby coffee shop, café, or restaurant. Or, you could tie the gifts to your office culture of healthy living with vouchers for local yoga classes or healthy cooking classes. Let your team have a say in the types of gifts you provide to make it more fun.  

Connect Your Team in Advance 

Help your team and new hire get to know each other before Day 1. Your new hire will want to know who they’ll be working with so they feel less stressed. Depending on how your team members stay connected online, ask your team to reach out to the new hire through LinkedIn or Facebook. Ask a few members to send the new hire a text message introducing themselves. Or, use office Slack channels or another communication platform to welcome new hires to your team.  

Create a Task List 

Use onboarding software to create a list of tasks for current and new employees. Share your company’s mission, vision, values, and goals. Let your new hire know their individual, team and department focus, priorities and key performance metrics. Share how the new employee will be supervised and what the management style is like. Match the new hire with a colleague to provide guidance and help with building a social network. Include the necessary paperwork to be filed. Allow time for questions, dialog and regular follow-ups.   

Plan a Team Activity 

Break up the monotony of onboarding presentations by scheduling a team activity. Buy everyone lunch, host a scavenger hunt, or take everyone out for a happy hour. Teammates will get to know the new member and bond over a shared event. 

Send a Welcome Packet 

Before your new hire’s first day, email a welcome packet. Include the company history, core values, company videos, and press clippings. Share what to expect the first day, week and month. Call your new employee the night before they start. Make sure they know where to be the next day and when. Answer any questions your new hire may have.  

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