When starting a new job, it’s important you evaluate your team to determine whether you’re in the right place. If you accept a job offer without considering the key elements of the role, team, and company, you may discover that you’re not entirely happy with what you have. If your work environment doesn’t consistently bring you joy, it may not be the right fit for you.  

Here are three things to look for in your new team to know if you’re in the right spot.  

Does Your Team Fit Your Core Values? 

Determine your top five core values and whether your team fits them. For instance, your top values may be flexibility, community involvement, work-life balance, relationships, and opportunity for growth. Look for evidence that your team demonstrates these values as being important. For instance, is your team allowed a flexible schedule or the ability to work remotely at least one day per week? Do your teammates individually or collectively volunteer with nonprofit organizations to give back to the community? Are team members expected to work set hours, or often come in early or stay late to finish their work? Do teammates collaborate well and get together outside of the office? Are they on track for regular promotions based on accomplishments and work performance? When your team is in line with your core values, your odds of success are greater.  

Do You Blend with Team Culture? 

Think about how comfortable you are blending with your team’s culture. For instance, are your teammates happy with and passionate about their work? Do they enjoy working with each other and the company? Do your team members feel valued and respected? Are they aligned with the company mission, vision, and values? How do your teammates solve problems and resolve conflicts? What were their reasons for joining and staying with the company? Are their interactions timely and courteous? Are team members engaged in ongoing professional development paid for by the company?  

Is Your Team Provided Growth Opportunities? 

Find out how your team feels about being offered opportunities to advance in the organization. For instance, do your teammates often interact with leadership? If so, how do they communicate? How long have team members been in their role? When do they expect to move up? How is work performance measured? Do your teammates know what they need to do and have the resources to reach their goals? Are lateral moves within the company possible? Are your team members being mentored by leadership? If so, how do you ask someone to be your mentor? 

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