Did you know that leaving your office throughout the day lets you accomplish more? Although this may seem counterintuitive, a change of scenery helps you come back replenished and ready to work. You could further change your scenery by moving your workspace outside. You should be more productive when breathing fresh air and working close to nature.

Here are some positive impacts of taking your sales work outside.

Stimulate Creativity

Changing your environment stimulates creativity. It encourages ideas to form and develop that can solve problems. Whether you need new methods to reach prospects, additional ways to provide value, or ideas to handle an especially challenging client, getting outside activates different parts of your brain so the answers can form. You are better able to concentrate, maintain motivation, and remain energized.

Maintain Health

Getting outside during the day helps maintain your health. Since sitting at a desk is hard on your body, it is best to take breaks, stretch, and change sitting positions. Finding another location to work in, such as your porch, patio, or balcony, provides even greater benefits. Reconnecting with nature establishes your body’s natural balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic responses. This prepares you for the metal activity needed for selling while staying relaxed. Working outside can improve your memory and immune system while reducing cortisol levels and mental fatigue. All of this works to increase productivity and reduce time off due to illness.

Let Nature In

If you cannot work outside due to inclement weather, including natural scenery in areas of your home that you can work in. Because humans have a natural desire to connect with nature, working near windows, plants, water, or images of nature can boost your mood, morale, and productivity. Experiencing the sound of running water, the scent of essential oils that remind you of nature, or other natural sensory elements can reduce stress, heart rate, and blood pressure.

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