Like many executives, you may rely on email, voicemail, online calendars, and other technologies to operate with self-sufficiency. Your company also may be focused on cutting costs, reducing headcount, and streamlining organizational structures. As a result, you may not have an assistant helping you perform to the best of your ability. However, because an assistant makes substantial contributions that benefit all levels of the organization, you want to look into hiring one. Here are four reasons to hire an executive assistant this Spring.    

Return on Investment   

A skilled executive assistant provides a significant return on investment. They save time by ensuring meetings start on time and delivering prep materials in advance. An executive assistant saves money by optimizing travel schedules, filing expense reports, and enabling remote decision making to keep projects on track. They increase productivity by reducing the distractions an executive has to deal with and freeing up time for higher-level tasks.       


An effective executive assistant handles work delegated to them. The assistant drafts responses to emails in their order of importance. They listen in on phone calls to organize and follow up on action items. The assistant manages information flow, handles basic financial information, and attends meetings. They represent the executive and have the authority to make certain decisions on their behalf.   


An experienced executive assistant proactively looks for ways to add additional value to the organization. They may take classes in marketing or presentations to enhance their skills. An assistant might learn new languages or technologies to improve their performance for a worldwide corporation. They may enhance their skills for managing teams, read complex settings, or respond to challenging people and circumstances. The assistant continually works to understand the business and industry, the executive’s priorities, and opportunities so they can make judgment calls to protect the executive’s time. They’re willing to take on responsibilities, speak up about ideas, and act as a team player.   

Filling Needs  

An expert assistant understands and fills an executive’s unspoken needs. Combined with skills and experience, their emotional intelligence, personal chemistry, and one-on-one dynamic help the assistant respond to subtle cues and appropriately respond. They pay close attention to shifts in the executive’s behavior and temperament and know that timing and judgment are key to a smooth working relationship. The assistant quickly learns what the executive’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs are, what triggers anger or stress, and how to accommodate their personal style. When a proper match is made, an assistant tends to follow the executive from job to job.   

Hire an Executive Assistant   

Hire an executive assistant through The Nagler Group. We meet with you and get to know your needs, then match you with candidates who have the skills and experience you’re looking for. Set up a time to talk with us today.   

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