As a top employer with an exceptional IT team, you are likely to have highly qualified professionals wanting to work for you. In many cases, you will not have any openings when a skilled job seeker expresses interest in talking with you about employment opportunities. Before you ask them to check back at a later time, think about setting up an interview. Get to know the individual and why they want to work for you. You may find out they would make a welcome addition to your team.

Even if you are not hiring, here are three reasons to interview a top IT professional.

The Job Seeker May Solve a Company Problem

Having no IT positions available may not be an issue if a job seeker comes to you with a solution to a company problem. They might have done significant research about your team’s or organization’s biggest pain points and found ways to resolve one. You can discuss in detail the problem and solution, then come up with ways to implement it. When the time is right, you can extend an official job offer, bring the person aboard, and have them get to work.

You Can Create a Role

If you lack IT vacancies, you can create a position for a star player. They may have researched your company website, LinkedIn profile, press releases, and other information sources to learn all they could about where your organization has been and where it is going. The person might have talked with employees to learn about company goals and potential issues with achieving them. The individual may have the skills and experience needed to fill the gaps in attaining company objectives. Finding someone proactive about predicting company needs and solving problems, especially those you may not have considered, adds additional value to your organization. You want this person on your team.

A Position May Open Up

Even if you currently have no IT openings, odds are you will down the road. In most cases, vacancies are filled without being advertised. When you come across a highly qualified IT professional interested in working for you, take the time to talk with them. Find out what drew them to your organization and what type of role they would like. Find out how their past accomplishments can benefit your company. Ask about specific skills or experience the person may have that you’re interested in. Discover what they can teach your team to improve their skills. Talk with former employers and colleagues to see what impressed them most about the person. Having a top professional in mind for when a position becomes available makes filling it much easier.

Interview Top IT Professionals

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