Your interviewing habits make a difference in whether you receive a job offer or need to continue your search. Knowing how to sell your skills, experience, and qualifications to show you’re the best candidate for a position plays an important part in securing new employment. Instead of leaving everything to luck, adopt these interviewing habits to move closer to getting your next job.

Learn About the Company

Before your interview, find out all you can about the role and company. Study the job description, company website, and social media posts. Learn about job responsibilities, required skills, and qualifications. Find out about the company’s mission, vision, and values. Search for current press releases and developments. Knowing all you can, in advance, helps you show how your personality and accomplishments align with company culture, position requirements, and company goals.

Make a Positive First Impression

Focus on creating a favorable first impression. Since you have about 7 seconds to form an image in the interviewer’s mind, make the most of them. Dress professionally. Smile. Look the interviewer in the eye. Introduce yourself. Greet the interviewer by name. Shake their hand. Exhibit appropriate body language throughout the interview.

Mirror the Interviewer

Build rapport by behaving in a manner similar to the interviewer. If they’re reserved, show a more reserved version of yourself. If the interviewer is outgoing, be more outgoing as well. Communicate your thoughts. Show empathy for the interviewer. Remain relaxed, open, and honest. Speak in a friendly manner. Since people enjoy working with people they like, your odds of receiving a job offer increase.

Include Examples in Your Answers

Confidently answer questions with specific examples. Show concrete ways your skills and experience benefitted previous employers and will benefit your next one. Show how you solved problems, handled customers, or collaborated on a project. Keep your answers clear and concise. Use data to back up your stories.

Ask Questions

Prepare questions to ask throughout the interview. Show you’re actively listening, genuinely care, and want to know more about the role or company. For instance, ask for clarification on how the position fits in with the department and organization as a whole. Find out which departments you’d be working with most. Ask about whom you’d report to. Leave questions for the end of the interview as well, including the next steps.

Follow Up

After your interview, send a thank-you note to each interviewer. Remind them why you’re interested in the role and three main topics you discussed. This jogs their memory of your conversation and helps you stand out. Thank the interviewer for their time. Restate that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

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