Finding the IT role you want can be challenging. Sifting through job boards, tailoring your resume, and waiting to hear from employers can be daunting. Even if you’re brought in for an interview, there’s no guarantee you’ll hear back about how you did. To make the process more efficient and effective, consider working with a recruiter. Here are four reasons why you should pick up the phone when a recruiter calls.

A Recruiter Has a Vast Network

A recruiter’s network is significantly more extensive than yours. No matter how many past employers and colleagues, college professors and administrators, friends, and family you’re connected to, a recruiter has a substantially broader and deeper network. Because they have established relationships, employers listen when recruiters talk about a candidate. Having a recruiter refer you increases your odds of being interviewed and hired. They point out what makes you a great fit and why you’re most qualified for a role. Please take advantage of the recruiter’s network by answering the phone when they call.

A Recruiter Has Access to Unlisted Job Openings

A recruiter often is hired to find candidates to fill unadvertised vacancies. Since the majority of open jobs aren’t announced to the public, you have insider information on openings that most candidates don’t know about. This is especially true if you have specialized skills that most candidates lack. As a result, you have less competition when interviewing and increased odds of receiving a job offer. You first have to pick up the phone and talk with the recruiter who’s calling.

A Recruiter Guides You Through the Process

A recruiter walks you through the hiring process for each employer you interview with. They provide you with feedback and advice on your resume, interviewing skills, job offer negotiations, and more. A recruiter lets you know where you’re at in the process and when you should hear back after an interview. If you don’t receive a job offer from an employer, the recruiter may be able to let you know why they decided on another candidate. For these reasons, you should pick up the phone when a recruiter calls.

A Recruiter Has a Database

If you aren’t hired by the first employer you interview with, your information remains in the recruiter’s database. This means you stay on the recruiter’s radar for another position. Rather than having your resume tossed aside, the recruiter’s applicant tracking system (ATS) pulls specific information and matches it to relevant jobs. When an appropriate vacancy comes along, the recruiter might contact you. Be sure to pick up the phone.

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