If you are not attracting the right candidates for your accounting and finance positions, it may be because of your job descriptions. The best descriptions combine essential role responsibilities, core skills and experience sought, and company culture elements. They present the information in an inclusive way that encourages women, people of color, people who identify as LGBTQA+, and people with disabilities to apply. Increasing your skill for crafting job descriptions increases the diversity in your talent pool. This lets you hire the highly qualified talent you need to enhance your team.

Follow these guidelines to improve your job descriptions and attract top talent.

Ask for Employee Input 

Include staff members’ input when crafting your job descriptions. Employees know the skills, experience, and qualifications needed for a role. Update each job description to include the five to seven core requirements. Ask staff to describe what they love most about company culture, then add these details to your job description. Take out any criteria that are not necessary for the position. Mention that many skills can be taught on the job.

Mention the Role’s Impact

Highlight how the position contributes to the rest of the company. Candidates want work they are passionate about that involves developing ideas to solve problems and meet needs. They need to know how their efforts work in tandem with others’ contributions to succeed. Seeing how candidates’ work benefits their team and helps reach business goals promotes long-term retention.

Focus on Growth and Development 

Emphasize opportunities for growth and development. Explain how the role contributes to business objectives, the potential for advancement, and how candidates’ achievements can impact their career path. Share what your company is doing within the industry, how technology enables this, and how the organization and role can combine with candidates’ skills and experience to further their career growth.

Use Inclusive Language 

Include words that are free of bias. Words traditionally used to describe men, such as “outspoken,” “competitive,” and “ninja,” tend to attract mostly male candidates. Words traditionally used to describe women, such as “nurturing,” “collaborative,” and “loyal,” tend to attract mostly female candidates. Extreme modifiers such as “best of the best,” “off the charts,” and “world-class” may discourage people of color, people who identify as LGBTQA+, and people with disabilities from applying. Ask a staff member of another culture or gender to review your job descriptions and ensure they are inclusive.

Partner with a Recruiter  

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